Attributes of a Successful Commercial Lease

For Investors

Your business is thriving and the monthly lease expense is manageable. It feels appropriate to your sales volume and profit. Your location is in no way hindering your success. Ownership put all of their promises in writing without any duress. Profit per square foot is acceptable. The term and expiration of your lease is in […]

How to Break a Commercial Lease

  Eleven Points to Examine if you are Thinking about Breaking a Commercial Lease Do you have a lawful right to terminate the commercial lease without cause? Do you have a lawful right to terminate for cause, and what are the causes? Is there a liquidated damages provision in your lease and can you afford […]

Choosing Your Office Space in Chicago

For Investors

  It is essential for every business to have a spacious office at a suitable location, which has close proximity to Chicago. Businesses often find it necessary to get an office, which is nearby to its prospective customers as this contributes to the rise in sale of its products and services considerably. In the last […]

Restaurant Leasing Checklist

  How much space do you presently have and what is your monthly rent? Do you own your business solely or do you have partners? If you have partners, are they aware that you are looking for assistance? If they are not, make them aware. Are you in a strip, multi-tenant or stand alone location […]

Identifying a Commercial Lease Attorney

Observe whether your calls are returned with in 24 hours after you made your contact. If they are not, especially after you have retained the commercial lease attorney, think about a change. Your attorney should be obsessed with details. Good enough shouldn’t be good enough until you say so. You are the customer. Try to […]

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