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Specialists in Chicago Area Office Leasing

At Chicago Broker, we cover the Chicago metropolitan area and can do a comprehensive search based on your location criteria. With over 30 years of experience, we do all the legwork and negotiations to find you the best office and commercial space in Chicago. Best of all, any fees are paid entirely by the landlord with absolutely NO cost to you. 

Customized Client Profiles

We first work with you to identify your property needs, wants, and unique company culture. Then develop a comprehensive space plan program customized for you and your team.

Research Market Alternatives

Based on your specific space needs, we search for potential properties, set up site visits, and provide you with an understanding of the market to anchor negotiations.

Negotiate Tenant Favorable Terms

With market knowledge and competing property proposals in hand, we will be able to drive the best terms for your new lease or renewal discussions with the owner or landlord.

Tenants With Representation Negotiate Better Lease Terms

A study published in November of 2014 by The Center for Real Estate Urban Analysis at The George Washington University looked at conflicts of interest in commercial real estate leasing transactions and how the tenant can easily come out the loser in office leasing transactions if they are not represented by a tenant agent that has their back. You can read the full article here.

We apply our collective experience, network, years of experience, and a keen understanding of the Chicago office market to help each of our clients maximize the strategic implications that a lease or purchase has on your bottom line. Even though we are working for the tenant or prospective buyer, our fees are paid entirely by the landlord or property owner after we have successfully completed the transaction. Therefore, there is no reason to waste your valuable time searching the internet for out-of-date information, calling random landlord agents, or driving around fruitlessly calling on buildings that don’t have the right space to fit your needs. We know the market and know which buildings and ownership groups to bring you to based on your individual and unique needs and goals. Don’t give the landlord the upper hand in your next lease negotiation. Have an expert by your side.

Talk to the experts before signing your next lease or purchase agreement.

The commercial real estate market can be treacherous to navigate, even for an experienced business owner. With a season commercial real estate and sales expert by your side, we can help you avoid these situations and find creative solutions to overcome nearly any obstacle. 

5% - 25%

Typical Client Savings With Our Services

Added Services and Resources

We offer our clients the following related services through our network of trusted partners and advisors:
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Space Planning & Architecture

The in-depth analysis of how physical space is to be used in your organization.

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Construction Services

Resources for interior office space build outs, cubicles and conference rooms.

0 0

Property Maintenance Services

Complete commercial cleaning, janitorial, and maintenance services.

0 0

Furniture Planning and Sales

Furniture can be as important to interior design as the color scheme you choose.

0 0

Interior Design Services

Interior design pros from color scheme selection to complete coordination.

0 0

Utility Contracts

The specialists for utility selection, implementation, and management.

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Telco / Data / IT Consulting

From simple networking to data center build-outs, we understand the IT industry.

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Moving & Logistics

Making moving sure your business doesn’t stop between location moves.

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Lease Auditing Services

Comprehensive audits of leases verifying and auditing all landlord charges.

We Specialize in the Chicago Commercial Real Estate Market

Your Office Is Your Calling Card

We understand that your office space becomes an extension of your culture, it is your calling card and in many ways it is paramount to how your customers, employees and competitors view your business. Its a place that you can leverage to recruit your ideal work force and keep them happy. Today’s tenants not only want great business terms, but the amenities and neighborhoods that will help their companies thrive and succeed. Our experts help you identify and maximize those opportunities.

We Put You First, Not the Landlord

Real estate occupancy costs are second only to salaries when it comes to running most businesses. Our strategy of first understanding your needs and then finding leverage in the marketplace has saved our clients millions of dollars. Unlike the landlord’s leasing agent, who is working to get the landlord the best deal, we represent the tenant’s side of the transaction and have a fiduciary responsibility to put our client’s interests first, avoiding all conflicts of interest while maintaining focus on our client’s objectives.