Chicago is one of the densely populated cities of United States, which therefore makes it a hub of opportunities for many businesses. In the past decade, a vast variety of businesses have emerged in the city and have earned good earnings by gradually spreading all across the country. The beautiful location of Chicago and its popularity together make it a perfect place to set up a new business. The best part about the city is the availability of commercial office space. Chicago city has numerous locations that are ideal for setting up a business.

Popular commercial office space Chicago locations:
  • La Salle Street

    LaSalle street is one of the popular streets of Chicago running Lake Shore Drive 1700 North on the north side to 157th Street / South Holland on the south side. Surrounded by tall buildings, this area counts amongst the ideal commercial office space Chicago locations. The area is embraced with excellent business atmosphere as a major part of this area is nestled in the financial district. LaSalle Street has good access with adjoining residential areas and therefore a perfect location to set your commercial business.

  • Washington Street

    Washington Street is an area which definitely fascinates every business owner with its spacious surroundings, worthy location and excellent business environment. However, acquiring a commercial space in this area may prove to be an expensive affair. Being a popular commercial hub Washington offers fantastic office spaces, which are complete and ready to move in. Established business owners who plan to open up new outlets can buy office spaces in this area.

  • Michigan Ave

    Michigan Ave is another crowded commercial area, which is an attractive location for acquiring office on rent. The area is well established and perfectly located which is a prime reason that attracts most of the business owners to this amazing location.
    There are ample other options of getting commercial office space in Chicago. One just needs to plan the strategy and do a bit of market study before actually deciding the place to set their businesses. If you are also looking for suitable commercial office space Chicago, you can take help from a reliable broker in the area.

  • North Michigan Avenue

    North Michigan Avenue, popularly known as the magnificent mile is a shopping hub that offers exceptional dining options too. Business owners looking out for excellent customer traffic can opt for setting up their stores here as this is a perfect place to catch the attention of the crowd you are looking for.

  • South Loop

    South loop is beautifully sectioned between the streets of Jackson, Michigan, Roosevelt and Chicago river. This area is one of the best locations of the city and is therefore a perfect place to start up your store. South loop is a mixture of residential and commercial buildings and is therefore quite crowded at peak hours.

  • East Loop

    East Loop is another excellent location for office space in Chicago as it has wonderful access to public transportation. Nestled with both residential and commercial buildings, this area is another popular destination in Chicago.

  • Ashland – West Loop

    This area has numerous commercial establishments and is a hub of restaurants, shopping stores and entertainment. Acquiring office space in this area is a great option for those looking for well-established commercial surroundings.

  • There are numerous other areas where one can acquire office space in Chicago. The most amazing thing about Chicago is that business owners can find the best offices perfectly suiting their budgets. Thus, they can set their requirements and find an ideal office space in excellent locations of the city.