Mr. Steven R. Goldstein
    162 West Hubbard Street
    Chicago Illinois 60654

  • This letter shall serve as exclusive authorization for ChicagoBroker.com and its agents (BROKER) to search out, identify and negotiate all relocation, purchase and lease renewal and expansion alternatives for our firm within the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area.

    The BROKER shall be authorized to investigate and negotiate on our behalf, but we reserve the right to accept or reject any proposals or offers and all final commitments will be subject to our approval.

    It is also understood that BROKER will receive its compensation from the ownership of any building in which we elect to become a tenant or buyer. Provided that we have not violated the terms of this agreement, we will have no responsibility regarding the payment of commission or fees to BROKER.

    We agree to fully cooperate with BROKER in securing such commission from the landlord or seller of any and all properties presented to us by BROKER during the term of this authorization, including the possibility of lease renewal. For a period of six months (6) following the expiration or cancellation of this authorization, BROKER shall be entitled to receive fair market compensation from the landlord, sub-landlord or seller in the event that we lease space, renew our lease or purchase property that was presented to us by the BROKER during the term of this authorization.

    Non-Discrimination: It is illegal for either the Owner or Broker to refuse to display, lease or sell to any person because of their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ancestry, age, marital status, physical or mental handicap, familial status or any other class protected by Article 3 of the Illinois Human Rights Act, military discharge, parental status, sexual orientation, lawful source of income or housing status.

    This authorization shall become effective as of today's date and shall remain in effect for one year from the date hereof, however it may be terminated by either party with fifteen (15) days prior written notice. We acknowledge that an email confirmation, a scan or faxed copy of this document, bearing a faxed or scanned signature shall have the same effect as an original signed authorization letter.

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