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“Steve Goldstein is an outstanding Commercial Real Estate Broker who puts the needs of his clients first and foremost. As a representative for the lesee, I have witnessed him negotiating extremely favorable terms and accommodations for his clients. Any business owner looking to move, especially now in this turbulent time, or to renogiate a lease to stay in your current location, needs the expertise of Steve Goldstein at ChicagoBroker to maximize each dollar spent now and in the future. Since his fees are negotiated and paid by the leasing broker or building owner, you can be more profitable working with Steve Goldstein, who helps you add more money to YOUR bottom line!” Melissa Vokoun President, NuVo Partners, Inc.

“Steve has the drive, determination and focus to accomplish anything he sets his sights on. While he is shrewd and can always deliver the best deal on behalf of his client he is generous with his time and knowledge and can be a quality trusted advisor to any business owner’s inner circle.”   Gary Kirshenbaum Vice President, Puritan Finance Corp.


“Steve is one of the most experienced Real Estate Brokers in Chicago. I refer all types of clients to him with confidence that their needs will be met. He is honest, hard working, knowledgeable and dependable. HE is also a tireless networker and smart resource for investors of all sizes.” Jeremy Kudan Owner, Kudan Group, Inc.


“Steve Goldstein is not only a great commercial real estate person, but an incredible networker. He helped me find and build out my exiting location and will help me with my next 2 or 10 locations. There are many commercial real estate people out there who can assist you, though I have yet to meet anyone that even comes close to the level of commitment, drive and passion that Steve has. The end result for me as a business owner, a great location for the best negotiated price, regular referrals from Steve as a strategic partner and a great friend too. I would highly recommend Steve Goldstein to anyone looking for commercial real estate in the Chicagoland area.” Steve Fretzin Owner, Sales Result


“Steve is a tenacious and savvy broker that knows how to get a deal done. I’ve enjoyed working with Steve over the years.” Sam Badger VP, Paine/Wetzel


“I actually had difficulty choosing only three attributes for Steve, as I have only the most positive things to say about him. He is a total professional and I recommend him highly to anyone regardless of deal size. With Steve as your representative, you will undoubtedly feel you have a trusted partner who is looking out for your best interests.”  Pat Ashley


“I have known Steven For many years. He is a consummate professional who makes sure his clients and associates get his best every day. I recommend him to anyone or any firm, interested in real estate.” Andrew Vass President, Technology for Humanity


“Steve is an outstanding service oriented professional. His knowledge of the commercial real estate market is phenominal and his willingness to go the extra mile for clients is his trademark. Steve also is a tremendous networker.” Brent Novoselsky Vice President, GCG Financial


“Steve is a pro. He knows his market and is an expert at how to get deals done by finding the right space at the best price. Steve has successfully worked on over 70 transactions for me. He is someone you can trust and count on!” James Osgood President, OfficeFinder


“Steve is knowledgeable, dedicated, hardworking and flexible. He helped us find great space.” Robert Axelrod


“It is rare in today’s economy that a Real Estate professional does not carry the ‘head trash’ of many that ‘no one is buying commercial space anymore’. Steve is one of those OTHER kinds of Professionals who not only find that there is still great opportunity out there, but he will do whatever it takes to continue to build his business and get it done! It is refreshing to know someone as grounded yet driven in the way Steve is. I genuinely recommend Steve Goldstein for any General Business questions or Commercial Real Estate advice or just to have a conversation to see if he can help.” Jill Kirshenbaum Sales Coach, Sales Force Development Expert, Mentor, Educator


“Steve is one of the best producing members within our OfficeFinder network – which includes over 500 members. Over the past serveral years, Steve and his team have worked successfully on many difficult transactions with a high level of knowledge and skill. If you are looking for office space in the Chicago market, Steve will do an outstanding job in making sure you not only find the right space, but also get the best deal available.” 
James Osgood President, OfficeFinder, LLC