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Steven R. Goldstein founded in 1991 to address a growing need in leasing and purchasing business properties. With industry leading resources, the team has successfully been helping clients lease property in the Chicago area for close to three decades. Today, the company provides many opportunities to medical professionals looking for a doctor’s office for lease. Our team is capable of helping clients smoothly navigate the transactions involved with a doctor’s office for lease and making sure they are able to avoid the most common pitfalls. Our seasoned real estate professionals help clients who are seeking a doctor’s office for rent. We assist clients with understanding all aspects of the transaction and guide them through each of the steps to ensure they fully comprehend them. It makes perfect sense that whenever one of our Chicago neighbors is trying to find the most suitable doctor’s office for rent, the team is their top resource for assistance.

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Based on your goals and requirements, we help find and secure your next office or office suite.

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We sidestep any leasing stumbling blocks and help develop a strong, winning lease strategy.

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We work close with you to make sure everything is perfect before you move into your new office.

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Chicago has around three million residents living in the city and approximately 10 million throughout the Greater Chicago Metro Area. It is the largest city in the Midwest and in the state of Illinois – along with being the third most populous city in the United States. To accommodate all the healthcare needs of city residents, many physicians are looking for a doctor’s office to rent within the city proper. This is where The team enters the picture. We are able to assist clients in finding the perfect property to lease at the most affordable price. We have highly-skilled professionals who will walk Chicago clients through all the steps of locating the best doctor’s office for rent at a price they can afford. We have a vast array of properties available and will match you to the one that both fits your needs as well as your bank account.

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Creativity is important in every business and it’s especially true in leasing your next office. We’re used to dealing with curve balls and known for coming up with creative solutions for our clients. We offer:

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Clients can rest assured that the our team’s foremost objective is to outpace the competitors and maximize advantages for its clients requiring a medical office for lease. Although we are working on behalf of the tenants, we are paid by the landlords. Most importantly, no matter what space you decide on, let our medical office leasing professionals at the handle all your negotiations for you.

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We are well-informed and best able to ensure all your individual and unique needs are met. This makes it possible for you to secure the best medical office for lease to meet your goals.

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