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Is it time to sublease your space and start looking at new options? 

Ever since the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic, a significant number of companies across the country have been re-thinking their office space needs and looking to reduce their obligations for rent.  One option many business owners are pursuing is to sublease their office spaces in order to right-size their office configuration and create new, more enticing environments where employees will want to come to the office and the business culture can thrive.

For companies that signed office leases in 2017 and 2018 this is especially relevant. They were blindsided as the pandemic sent their work force home and left their shiny new offices sitting vacant.  Now that the pandemic fears are subsiding its time to re-evaluate your business space needs and set a course for the next few years which will address the changes in your organization that these past few years have necessitated.   Business owners are looking to accommodate the current trends of hybrid work and many are seeking to exit their old leases and transition into new work spaces that will fit the company’s future vision of culture and community.

Whether to sublease or not is not a one size fits all decision, there are various factors that businesses should consider when subletting including: is it going to be worth the effort and expense, when to start the process, how to structure the economics and terms to minimize lease exposure, how to adequately securitize the sublease and manage the various risk factors that go along with the sublease process.

We have been helping clients to sublet their business spaces and recover the potential losses in rent for over 30 years and would be happy to discuss your unique scenario.

Helping you sublease your next office

Based on your goals and requirements, we help find and secure your temporary office space.

Sublease and sublet representation

We’ll help connect you with the right people to get the office space at the best price possible.

Subleasing cost savings for both

Put unused office space to work with subleasing options that benefit both parties.

Why Companies Sublease Office Space

With the significant increase of telecommuting and flexible work options, companies across Chicago are finding new ways to leverage their office space. They are maintaining the real estate they have while also diversifying what they use that space for.

  • Companies have decreased their size and office footprint and no longer need the entirety of their space.
  • Companies are encouraging employees to work flexible hours, thus reducing the amount of employees in the office at any given time.
  • Companies don’t want to occur the cost associated with breaking a lease early.
  • There is an increase of small startups in the Chicago area specifically looking to sublease an office.
  • Companies have planned for eventual growth, but currently can not utilize the entire space effectively.
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