COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness for Commercial Buildings

COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness for Commercial Buildings
Cleaning and Sanitizing the office

Offices and buildings are shut down due to the outbreak. Strict measures are being taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment for people to work. 

Preparing a Commercial Building for COVID-19

Here are some necessary and critical preventive measures a commercial building should take to ensure a safe environment. 

1. Safeguarding The Entrance Places

The first and preferably one of the most crucial steps is to keep the entrances safe. To keep the buildings safe and disinfected, it is essential to test your staff first. Isolate people who are showing symptoms or who have tested positive. Besides, each office building should have temperature screening equipment, and a team appointed to check every individual entering the building to rule out the infected individuals. Other than this, place hand sanitizers and hand cleaning products to make sure the people entering the building are entirely disinfected. Also, consider also using a reputable commercial cleaning company like Cosmopolitan Building Services to thoroughly clean and disinfect your entire office. This goes a long way in minimizing surface area spread.

Spreading awareness should be your top concern. Put up flyers and banners warning people to maintain a safe distance (at least 6-feet) from each other. Also, avoid over-crowding the place by banning the entrance of unnecessary staff in the building.

2. Take Preventive Measures Beforehand

Building managers must begin taking precautionary measures seriously. Issuing contingency plans to avoid potential risks is necessary. Making smart choices in case of a global pandemic is quite essential. Make sure you have a plan to maintain a safe distance amongst the staff. Moreover, managers should also make a plan to get the staff home safely, take immediate action in case a person gets infected in the building, and minimize physical contact. These preventive measures reduce anxiety and also reduce the risk of transmission.

3. Take Care of Your Hygiene

Coronavirus tends to stay on a surface for about three days. It means it is crucial to take care of your hygiene as much as possible. Hire more staff for cleaning and disinfect the area. Using disinfectants on regularly used items is essential. Besides, installing public washrooms with soaps, toilet papers, dryers, and hand-washes can help in reducing the chances of COVID-19 transmission. The managers should ensure that the floors and desks are disinfected and cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants frequently. Finally, distribute hand sanitizers among the staff and guide them to use it regularly to stop the spread.

4. Partially Close the Unnecessary Parts of the Building

Gyms, play areas, cafeterias, and swimming pools should be closed effective immediately since the spread of the virus is comparatively higher in these areas. In case these places are still open, make sure they are disinfected regularly to eliminate the infection. However, it is always better to close down unnecessary areas until the situation normalizes.

5. Stay Up-To-Date All The Time

Even though hearing the news over and over can be frustrating; however, it is essential to keep your staff updated. This can help you prepare beforehand and take precautionary measures to avoid the spread and stay safe. Also, make sure you do not spread misinformation and keep every member of your staff aware of the situation.

Since this pandemic has spread globally, and there is still no proper cure for the disease, therefore, it is necessary to keep ourselves and the people around us safe by taking preventive measures. 

It is not practical to shut down the world entirely. Thus, the only thing we can do now is to protect ourselves by hand sanitizing, wearing masks and gloves, reducing human contact, and disinfecting regularly used items and places. These five preventive measures mentioned above are essential for ensuring safety and reducing the spread. It is all we can do for now.

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