Do Touchdown Spaces Improve the Performance of Remote Employees?

Do Touchdown Spaces Improve the Performance of Remote Employees?

In a recent article, the New York Times stated that over 3 million people in the USA are working remotely. It also raises the question of how employees support their work and maintain a balance between flexibility and maximum productivity.
Employees who work remotely must set up a healthy work environment to give their best and create rapport. Exposure to the right type of workspace is important to develop concentration and enhance productivity.
Touchdown spaces, in this regard, play a role in helping employees settle in the work environment. Typically, these spaces are less formal as compared to the permanent workstation. They offer virtual employees and visiting telecommuters a safe space to continue in-house working.
Many companies reserve these spaces for their remote employees, called hoteling. It is different from drop-in spaces, which are popular with the name of “hot-desking.” The concept is different from setting visitors in the break room, conference room, or common workspaces for important reasons like:

  • Boosting productivity for remote employees
  • Establishing instant connectivity
  • Providing private workstations
  • Cost-saving from unused spaces

That is to say, touchdown spaces have become the requirement of today’s work culture. It allows remote employees to improve their performance and work efficiently.
Let’s delve into the discussion to find how touchdown spaces can improve the work productivity of remote employees.

How Touchdown Spaces Boost Productivity

In today’s workplace environment, different responsibilities and tasks require different types of work spaces. While some employees need a tranquil and calm place to retain focus, others love working in collaboration. Then some workers prefer working in an office lounge. Similarly, a huge percentage of people enjoy working in complete privacy in a cubicle or modern workstation.

As remote work culture is on the rise, both employees and firms realize that assigned workspaces remain unused for 50 % of the day. Innovative office designs and advanced technologies have given workers the freedom and choice to work anywhere that suits them and fits their unique job needs.
The workforce today is dynamic and result-driven. It does not like to chain to their seats for hours a week. This is where the role of Activity Based Working (ABW) model comes into play.

Touchdown spaces are entirely laptop centric. Because they are informal settings that include collaborative areas, private concentration rooms, or lounge, they offer an ideal working atmosphere for workers. Touchdown spaces use modern workstations with fast Internet connections for particular tasks, and coworkers and management can share it for a project. Employees can also use touchdown spaces to respond to a call or an email, respond to a text, and then move to another area to complete the task.

Touchdown Spaces – Productivity Powerhouse

At the heart of the touchdown space working model, many employers are thinking, “How can they help their workers to perform best in the tasks?”
To answer the question precisely, if employees think that working in a space with an informal setting such as sofas and couches helps them work better and faster, companies need to create one.
Similarly, if your coworkers require a separate place to make a private phone call or get some privacy during their work hours, try adding one to the office space. Use acoustic furniture in the office to help them get some stress-free environment and peace without having to go anywhere or being disturbed.
While collaboration is vital, employees do need privacy to concentrate on tasks regardless of their designation. Touchdown space can be a productivity powerhouse for both the employees who work in an in-house setting and for the individuals who work remotely.
With ergonomic chairs and adjustable tables, touchdown space is the go-to private spot of many remote employees.
Some important functions of touchdown spaces include:

  • Reduces a need to go overflow workspaces
  • Helps employees escape the noise
  • Prevents overcrowding
  • Can be waiting areas for visitors
  • Serves as private space for employees to do emails and make calls
  • Eliminate the need for separate offices
  • Serve as a meeting room

Bottom Line of Touchdown Office Spaces

Overall, touchdown space is the designated space for employees who like to work in short intervals. It is a private space with an open office layout. It allows remote employees to focus on the task and boost their productivity. Moreover, it decreases the need for private offices. If you are looking for a touchdown space for your company, seeking guidance from professional services is always better. Do not hesitate to share your ideas with professional consultants about the workspace you want.

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