Industrial Lease To do List

Industrial Lease To do List
Industrial building lease
  1. Secure permission from local officials for truck or fleet parking before signing your lease. As yard and other commercial fleet space is converted into non-industrial uses, zoning is ever more restrictive.
  2. Make sure that you and ownership is aware of any and all potential environmental hazards that existed prior to your tenancy. These problems can seriously effect business continuity.
  3. Do not be overly afraid of purchasing an environmentally tainted property. Many sites can be remediated adequately and provide wonderful space for modest costs.
  4. Always attempt to lease space from ownerships that have multiple locations and sizes of space for lease. This will give you flexibility if you need to move up or down in size depending on your business conditions.
  5. Remember to consult with local officials to ensure that your intended use is welcome in the community. Business owners have signed leases only to discover that they cannot conduct business because of rigid zoning laws.
  6. Utilize the services of a competent commercial real estate agent to review the minutes of the local governing council to determine both land-use trends, development plans, impending road work, or other developments and whether the space you are considering is in jeopardy.
  7. Never accept responsibility for any part of HVAC systems. They are on the landlord’s books and she depreciates them. It is their problem. There are compromise solutions to this issue.
  8. Ensure that the landlord is financially stable if not strong. Your business could be jeopardized if they are weak.
  9. Measure dock heights. They vary and can cause lots of headaches.
  10. Always try to secure rights to adjacent spaces. It could save time, money, and agony if you can expand without having to move.
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Steve Goldstein / About Author

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