Plan your ideal space BEFORE you plan your move

Don’t start your search for new space without first talking to a space planner

In comparing locations on your short list for your office move, many factors come into play and its not always just the economics of the deal that drive the best final decision. However, the item on the list that will ultimately make the biggest impact on the finished physical environment often receives scant attention: the test fit. A test fit offers a comprehensive review of existing program successes as well as forecasted growth reflected in the built environment.

A talented space planning team can produce multiple test fits, making it possible to accurately and independently assess and analyze each space without third party influence. Most importantly, a team working on the tenant’s behalf is concerned with how each space will truly fulfill the tenant’s overall design needs, not simply providing an impersonal block plan of how the space can be occupied.
A quality team brings forward strategic design practices and should specialize in the development and implementation of strategies and design solutions for commercial workplaces. It is recommended to seek out test fits from a company whose history and mission aligns with that of your company.

Guest Post from Erin Crilly, Design Manager, Unispace

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